Costume Character
Division H. H. Knoebel Sons, Inc
Location H H Knoebels
Employment Type Seasonal Full Time Employee
Date Posted 2/20/2019
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Job Code 009

Job Details
This job falls into one or both of two different categories of employment- either “seasonal” or “variable hours”. Most employment at Knoebels is seasonal employ- ment. This means the duration of the job will customarily be six months or less. Some employment at Knoebels may customarily extend beyond six months and this employment is typically classified as variable hour employment. The employment is considered variable hour employment because average weekly hours cannot reasonably be anticipated at the time of hire due to uncertainty of the work schedule (e.g. weather, fluctuating staffing needs, etc.). To enhance the guest experience at Knoebels Amusement Resort through performances as mascots “Kozmo” & “Dexter”, or a handler for either during the operating season of the organization. The dictionary defines “Mascot” as a person, animal or object that brings good luck. Ask a mascot performer - he or she will tell you there isn’t much luck to it – it requires hard work and creativity, but the efforts are rewarding! Mascots can enrich teams, organizations, and most importantly make people smile. Mascots can also comfort the hurting, add joy to life’s who have suffered, and bring a smile to someone who is missing one – THAT IS PRICELESS! Mascot & Mascot Handler Operations Perform any of the following: “Kozmo”, “Dexter”, or one of their “handlers” throughout the amusement park, in area parades, and other special appearances. Within the amusement park, Kozmo & Dexter make appearances at “Kids Korner” Birthday Parties, participate in daily “Dance Parties”, conduct various “Meet & Greet” sessions that may include signing autographs, or simply get out in the park to join in the fun by riding rides and actively playing. “Kozmo” & “Dexter” serve as the face of the Knoebels organization and stand as the backbone to many of our marketing and guest experience efforts. Mascot Handlers are required to be “in character” while on duty with their assigned Mascot. Handlers will also be “in costume” and the costumes will vary depending upon the skit, type of performance, or event. Maintain and use all mascot costumes by adhering to a rigorous cleaning schedule and alerting manager of repairs that are needed in a timely manner. Assist in creating & participating in skits for promotional entertainment. Community Outreach Make appearances at community events to promote Knoebels. Distribute Knoebels information designed to help increase attendance at the park, campgrounds, and golf course. Interact with Knoebels fans inside and outside of the resort - either in costume or out of costume when needed. Ability to work 45 to 55 hrs per week. Mid May through August, as well as weekends through September. Ability to work 10+ hour days. Extensive night and weekend work will be required. Motivated Individuals with the desire to gain experience in performing arts, marketing and customer service. Outgoing & creative personality with a willingness and desire to have fun. Previous Performing Arts Experience. Previous Customer Service Experience. Willing and able to perform with high energy and enthusiasm during ALL performances. Athleticism enabling to reach the physical demands of the job. Able to withstand hot temperatures. Unaffected by closed in spaces due to wearing the costume head and body suit. Reliable mode of transportation to and from work. Ideal height is between 5’6” and 5’10” tall. Previous mascot performance experience is a plus(but not necessary). Experience and ability to translate and/or converse in a second language (not required but a plus when performing handler).