Game Operator
Division H. H. Knoebel Sons, Inc
Location H H Knoebels
Employment Type Seasonal Full Time Employee
Date Posted 2/1/2019
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Job Code 17-Games

Job Details

Job Description: Game Operator

This job falls into one or both of two different categories of employment- either “seasonal” or “variable hours”.  Most employment at Knoebels is seasonal employment. This means the duration of the job will customarily be six months or less.  Some employment at Knoebels may customarily extend beyond six months and this employment is typically classified as variable hour employment.  The employment is considered variable hour employment because average weekly hours cannot reasonably be anticipated at the time of hire due to uncertainty of the work schedule (e.g. weather, fluctuating staffing needs, etc.).

Job Summary

Communicate game instructions, award prizes, and provide consistent, friendly service. 

Responsible To

Games Administrative Manager

Games Department Manager

Games Supervisors

Job Criteria


Minimum age 14

Seasonal full-time and part-time positions available

Shifts average 5 and 8 hours

Shifts fall within hours of 10:30am-10:30pm

Most weekend hours required

Permanent weekly schedule during regular season

Find own replacement if unable to work scheduled shifts

Requires frequent standing and walking

Requires working in an outdoor/semi-outdoor environment (most games)

Requires frequent bending over or reaching to retrieve thrown objects (most games)

Stocking duties occasionally require lifting up to 10lbs

Ability to learn and apply cash handling procedures

Responsible for cash accuracy in money apron

Wear company-issued staff shirts

Wear staff hat/visor brim forward only (if employee chooses to wear a hat)

Wear nametag on chest opposite side from Knoebels logo

Wear appropriate khaki bottoms

Wear closed footwear

Must remove any visible facial or body-piercing at work

Conform to company grooming and hygiene requirements

Follow Knoebels “Standards of Conduct”

Do not eat at any workstation - ONLY EAT WHILE ON BREAK

Keep drinks out of view of guests (not on counter)

Do not smoke or use any tobacco product while at any workstation or while wearing a staff shirt

Customer service requires relating to customers in a friendly and professional manner

Must be able to stay focused while on the job

Essential Functions

Smile and greet all guests who make eye contact with you

If able, STAND to greet all guests that approach your game

Always face front or sideways to the guest – never turn your back

Communicate clear instructions regarding games

Communicate criteria for winning

Follow “Standard Operating Procedure” for game

Record number of players with buzzers (some games only)

Receive correct money/tickets and give correct change

Award tickets and prizes to winning guest(s)

Record number of winners and level of prize (some games only)

Stock prize shelves and displays

Perform light cleaning duties at game and keep area clean

Ask for help or supplies when needed

Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor/manager

Answer guest questions or direct guests to someone who can

Handle guest complaints or call a supervisor