Electrician (Full Time)
Division H. H. Knoebel Sons, Inc
Location H H Knoebels
Employment Type Full Time Hourly Employee
Date Posted 1/1/2019
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Job Code CG0043

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DESCRIPTION:  Do you have the Power?  Our electricians have the power to brighten our guests’ days and nights. You will be exposed to the latest and greatest electrical innovations while managing the park's electrical systems, including installation, servicing and repairing.  You will play an important role in the everyday operation of the park as you electrify our rides, food stands, games & shops.



·       Smile and greet guests and staff team members

·       Answer questions or direct guests and staff team members to someone who can

·       Handle guest and staff team member complaints or call a supervisor

·       Must be able to install electrical equipment, such as wiring, breaker boxes, switches in both indoor and outdoor environment per NEC code

·       Must be able to investigate problems and perform repairs on various mechanical and electrical equipment

·       Must be able to monitor for lighting problems, replace burned out bulbs and ballast in light fixtures as needed

·       Must be able to perform occasional general plumbing work

·       Perform cleaning duties at workstation to maintain a clean safe work area 


·       Minimum age 18

·       Must have a good understanding or be willing to learn Fiber Optic installation, splicing, preparation and testing.

·       Completion of an 18 month Electrical Certificate program preferred

·       Must have a good understanding of single and 3 phase secondary electrical systems

·       Must have basic carpentry and construction skills

·       Must have analytical skills and attention to detail with ability to read electrical schematics, plans and manuals

·       Must have good verbal and written communication skills

·       Willing to develop a good understanding of how the Knoebel organization works

·       Must be able to stay calm in times of stress

·       Must be able to remain calm in times of stress

·       Must have an outgoing personality with a strong commitment to customer service and to the Knoebel company

·       Must be dependable, reliable, prompt, efficient, trustworthy, adaptable, organized and be a team player

·       Must be upbeat, energetic, self-motivated and be able to stay focused 

·       Must present a professional image in appearance and conduct

·       Must relate to people in a friendly professional manner

·       Wear company issued staff shirts and name tag

·       Wear appropriate bottoms and closed toe footwear

·       Wear hat or visor brim forward only (if you choose to or are required to wear one)

·       Must remove any visible facial or body piercing at work, wear Lucite plugs in any exposed body piercing

·       Must cover any tattoos deemed inappropriate

·       Must follow company grooming and hygiene requirements

·       Must follow Knoebels Mission Statement, Core Values and “Standard of Conduct”

·       Must not eat, smoke or use tobacco while at any workstation and keep drinks out of guests view



This job description describes the general nature of the duties and requirements of this job. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list or limit the supervisor ability to modify work assignments as appropriate.  This job falls into one or both of two different categories of employment – either “seasonal” or “variable hour”.  Most employment at Knoebels is seasonal employment. This means the duration of the job will customarily be six months or less.  Some employment at Knoebels may customarily extend beyond six months and this employment is typically classified as variable hour employment. The employment is considered variable hour employment because average weekly hours cannot reasonably be anticipated at the time of hire due to uncertainty of the work schedule (e.g. weather, fluctuating staffing needs, etc.).